The Best Cabernet Sauvignon Wine


The Big Sturdy Red Wine – The Best Cabernet Sauvignon Wine

Tasting the best Cabernet Sauvignon wine will definitely tell you that it has a bold flavor. When tasting it for the first time, you get a lot of the strong taste of the fruits. In comparison to most other wines, this particular wine has a lot of body in it. In terms of aroma, it has a smell similar to that of currant, blackberries or even raisins. If you get the chance to pick up a somewhat leatherette smell, that’s the chemical aroma you’re getting.

Depending on the ripeness of the grapes used for the process, it can be tricky to judge the quality of the wine. Usually, this type of wine goes well with a scrumptious meal consisting of proteins on the side of potatoes. But if you taste the best Cabernet Sauvignon wine without food, usually the first sip will tell you what you need to know.

When tasting it for the first time, you will definitely get that assertiveness that this particular type of wine is known for. It can potentially overwhelm the flavors of delicate dishes be careful with matching it up with food types. Its affinity to oak, as well as the increased levels of tannin and alcohol in the wine is a major contributing factor to how it complements or overshadows different kinds of food.

When the particular wine you tasted is young, the different elements that make a Cabernet Sauvignon distinct are at a peak. Gradually as the wine ages, these elements fade a little more. So the younger the age of the Cabernet Sauvignon you taste, the more bitter it is, and the tannin and alcohol are hard to ignore.

If you’re pairing up Cabernet Sauvignon to a dish, make sure to keep it far from spicy food since these types of foods have the tendency to accentuate that bitter flavor produced by tannins. The best probable spice to pair up with this particular wine for a meal would be black pepper since it does nothing to augment the bitterness or strong flavors of the wine.

As for proteins, they do have a neutralizing effect on the bitterness so if you taste it for the first time, you can mask most of that taste with a steak dish. The same goes with dishes that incorporate heavy or creamy buttery sauces. This is definitely a good combination to go with especially for first times because these sauces not only neutralize the strong flavor but they also bring out the fruit flavors out of the wine.

As what was mentioned earlier, the older the wine, the less bitter it becomes. In cases where in you want to take in those bold flavors but on a milder range, it would be better to go with an aged bottle rather than a younger one.

Another important aspect that you should note when tasting the best Cabernet Sauvignon wine is that its country of origin as well as the region where the grapes were grown can have an impact on its taste; Old world Cabernet wines usually taste more earthy while New World wines are a lot more sweeter.